Cute Scrapbooking Gifts for Everyone

Always on the lookout, especially at holiday time, I have been researching and contacting various stores to find out what some of the latest and greatest scrapbooking related gifts are. Of course there are the handmade gifts that we make with our supplies, but I am not here to talk about them. I am here to talk about how awesome scrapbooking related novelties and gifts are!

The Closet Scrapper is one of my first stops when I am looking for cute scrapbooking gifts for myself or someone else on my list. They have loads of cute items, including jewelry which I have a small passion for when it comes to scrapbooking jewelry. They also have scrapbooking clothing which is another big one on my list. But look beyond those items and you will find Aprons, Mouse Pads, Totes, and Calendars. All designed with a scrapbook flair. You can choose your own design too. is another fabulous place to shop for loads of gift ideas. Besides clothing and jewelry, they also offer some really fun products to show off your love of scrapbooking. I found hats, totes, housewares, cards and prints, Scrap Strong Bracelets, Photo Cuffs, and a whole lot more. They have something for everyone, and many of their gift items are available through

Scrap Obsession is another favorite of mine. They have dozens of gift ideas for everyone on your list, including yourself! They have Aprons, Hats, Tanks, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Books, Mugs, Clocks, Ornaments and a lot more! Their prices are extremely reasonable, the designs are adorable and you cannot beat finding the perfect gift from the perfect place. which I have spoke of before, is well known for its adorable designs, and really giving the entrepreneur the ability to start their own business if you are any good at designing. There are dozens of shops open that cater to the scrapbooker, selling everything from clothing to novelty items and everything in between. Here are just a couple that I found and loved.

Peacock Cards

Stylish Scrap Gear

Scrap Warrior’s Scrap Clothing Shop (do not let the name fool you)

Positive Patch

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