Dad’s Losing It: It’s no Picnic

Actually, it was a picnic!

I could not bring myself to work a full day yesterday, my first back in the office since the birth of my 2nd child on Memorial Day. The weather was far too nice and my three year old too darn sweet to stay away from for over eight hours. As a result, I merely stopped at a great French bakery to pick up enough croissants and pain au chocolates for my team, dropped them off, cleaned out my email and rushed back home to surprise my girls. My darling toddler was giddy! We then packed up for a picnic and headed over to a little local park for lunch, allowing us to fully enjoy the lovely Spring weather. My gal rode her bike and played on the swingset while my wife and I tossed around a Frisbee. Normally, a casual Frisbee toss would not consume too much energy nor could the activity usually be considered exercise but the combination of my wife’s arrant throws, the stiff breeze and my overwhelming and ever-present desire to catch everything thrown in my general direction combined to tranform this day’s light fun into a sweaty workout. I also raced my daughter four times, pretending to be a bratwurst to her hot dog (we are still reenacting the Milwaukee Brewers sausage races that we watched online last week). All-in-all, it was a great time and a unexpectedly decent workout.

My wife is recovering nicely from the birth, which means that I am getting closer to returning to the gym. Believe it or not, I am really looking forward to that time alone. It may be because I recently purchased some stellar new music that sounds great on the iPod. The National’s “Boxer” and Dinosaur Jr’s “Beyond” are two records that are acting as my current lawn mowing soundtracks and will fit nicely between my ears while on the treadmill.

Until the weekend!

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