Dad’s Losing It: What a Weekend

I had a remarkable weekend of outdoor activity and exercise. I also ate pretty darn well, save for an abundantly delicious upscale Mexican feast at El Vez, a stylish spot in Philadelphia, on Sunday night. Earlier that day, I mowed my ½ acre lawn for the first time this season, which amounted to over 3 miles walked. I also chopped down and raked up the five patches of last year’s sea grass on my property and then shoveled and distributed some wood chips in the front yard. I felt utterly exhausted, yet totally satisfied, with my level of exercise. Needless to say, I did not need to visit the gym this weekend.

We cooked on the grill three times over the past few days – just the basics (cheeseburgers and hot dogs) with corn-on-the-cob and mozzarella and tomato salad (not on the grill, of course!). Unfortunately, I had a few glasses of caffeine free Pepsi with my tasty charcoal flavored burgers and dogs. But otherwise, it was nothing too terrible and considering the amount of physical activity I took on, I would say I did rather well overall. I made my sausage risotto for dinner tonight. I believe I have mentioned my risotto in a previous Dad’s Losing It post. It is everything a main course should be: it is a very simple to prepare, yields super leftovers, fills you up without a huge portion and tastes terrific. It is a favorite of ours and never disappoints.

An integral part of family life for us takes place in and around the kitchen. A home cooked sit-down dinner plays a vital role in how we raise our daughter and how will, hopefully, always communicate and share as a family unit. It also guarantees that, no matter how busy and hectic our daily lives become, we will always be able to count on one good, healthy, satisfying meal per day, complete with great company all around. I am fortunate that for the past 5-6 years, my wife and I have sworn off fast food completely and for good. Not only is it terrible for your body, but is also a drain on the wallet over time and helps to destroy the communal impact of family mealtime. It also prohibits the valuable life lessons that can only be taught and absorbed in the kitchen with mom and dad.

Be good everyone.

Until the weekend…

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