Dads Raising Daughters: Daddy Make My Hair Pretty!

Any dad, but especially single dads are struck with a resounding panic when they hear these words from their little girl’s mouths. Unless you have a natural ability for the styling of hair, you will panic too. This and other aspects of femininity pop up quite often when you are raising a daughter. The same concept applies when a mom raises a son single-handedly as well. Let’s face it, males and females are the same, generally speaking, but when you get down to the nature of the matter, most males and females reflect quite noticeable differences in their persona.

Children, whether boy or girl, need the support of both the male and the female role models in their lives. I cannot stress how important this is. If one or the other is not available then a surrogate form of this should be in their lives. For a girl, this could be an aunt, grandmother, or family friend. For a boy, this could also be an uncle, grandfather, or family friend. If none of those are available then enrolling the child in some type of program such as the Big Brothers, or Big Sisters program could be beneficial in filling this role.

A single dad can learn many things about his daughter, but there are just some things that they cannot give them. You, as a single dad, will do a great job and give them all you have within you. Yes, you will even learn how to make their hair pretty. Most importantly, you will give them a father’s love, which is what every little girl, and big girl longs for. Protect them, guide them, teach them about love and respect, teach them to be the very best that they can be and always let them know how smart and pretty they are. With all this in place, you will raise a confident and respectful daughter and you can be proud that you were the one that was there for her.

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