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My dad is the anti-scrapper. Heck, he even despises posing for photos, so making him his own scrapbook is something I never considered doing. However, after paging through one that my pal just made for her motorcycle enthusiast dad, I am seriously reconsidering making one for my own father.

The scrapbook my pal made is unbelievable. If you have a biker in your family or in your circle of friends, then you might be inspired by a few of her layout designs:

Hog Wild: My friend’s dad rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which features a classic style and distinctive design. The bike is a chopper-style motorcycle with heavy customization. All the chrome and leather goodness is featured prominently in the page layouts. The nice thing about designing a scrapbook with Harley features is that there are several companies that actually sell official Harley Davidson embellishments, such as stickers and lettering.

It is impossible to create a bad layout given all of the Harley sticker options you have to choose from, including:

*Vintage motorcycles from the 30s, 40s, and 50s

*Pigs dressed in leather jackets and jeans

*Harley company logo

*Popular Harley low riders

*Americana-style motorcycles

*Harley insignia on clothes

*Motorcycles and skulls

*Motorcycles and flames

*Motorcycles with eagles and wings

*Night rod theme

Riding with Friends: My friend’s dad loves riding with his friends, but his favorite companion is his wife. Naturally, my pal put together a few pages illustrating her dad’s love for riding with her mom. It is such a sweet layout, thanks in large part to the accessories she used. Who knew how many companies marketed motorcycle scrapbook embellishments with women in mind?

For one of the pages my friend used a black and pink color theme with pink Harley pigs and photos of her mom and dad flying down the road. She embellished the page with hearts and flames, and used peel offs that feature famous Harley-isms, including:

*Live free, ride hard

*American Tradition

*It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

*Rolling sculpture

*Some days you can almost hear it calling from the garage.

*Lightning can’t stand still.

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