Dance Dance Revolution: A Revolution To Your Living Room

Dance Dance Revolution is a video game where your control the game with your feet rather than your hands. Rather than use a handheld controller you use a dance pad that is connected to your game system.

During the game songs are played and arrows light up on the screen directing the game player to step on a certain arrow. Players earn points by stepping one the correct arrow at the correct time. Sound easy?

On the beginner mode this game isn’t entirely impossible. There are three levels: beginner, normal, and hard. The hard level makes me dizzy just looking at it, I can’t imagine actually trying to play it. If you ever go to arcades with your kids however they will often have one of these games set up with kids moving at speeds unimaginable.

Besides getting your kids off the couch, you may find yourself wanting to get into this game as well. The game has a workout mode on it where you can input your weight, and the game will count how many calories you burn while playing. There is a calendar that will keep track of how many calories you’ve burned each day and will translate that into how far you might have gone if you had been running, and the equivalent in jumping rope.

Dance Dance Revolution makes working out fun, because you are playing a game rather than heading out to the gym. I once played this game for three hours straight bound and determined to beat a certain song level. I eventually beat the song, but I also burned close to six hundred calories in the process.

Dance Dance Revolution can be a fun video game purchase for you and your children, and get everybody up off the couch and moving.

There are several different releases of the game. They make versions for Playstation, Playstation 2, and Xbox. You can purchase the game at video game stores as well as