Danger! Foods For Your Baby to Avoid

baby eating

With first babies, parents are generally more restrictive. They often don’t allow grandma to give baby that first bit of chocolate before he’s ready, etc. But with second and subsequent babies, parents are often more relaxed. After all, what didn’t hurt the first one won’t hurt the second, right? Not always.

Choking and allergies are serious business for babies. No parent would purposely do something that would hurt their child. But every day parents make choices regarding what to feed their baby. Some of the simplest foods are considered danger foods because they pose choking or allergy risks, but they come with no warnings, so parents assume they are okay.

Although there are many foods that are perfectly acceptable to give your baby once he or she starts eating solids, there are a few you shouldn’t give.

The following foods are not recommended until at least THREE years of age because they pose a choking hazard:


Candies (hard candies can get lodged in the throat. Gummies can stick to the back of the throat)



Popcorn (this one even makes adults choke!)



Hard Carrots (if you give them, try grating them)

Hot dogs (should be cut very small if given)

Foods to Avoid the First Year (Because they can cause allergies) Include:



Orange juice


Nut products

Fish products


Egg Whites

Foods That May Irritate the Digestive System include:


Fatty foods

Highly spiced foods

Fried foods


The main suggestion here is common sense. Don’t give your baby or young toddler anything that’s in question. Better safe than sorry works in this instance. The food lists above are tools to help you avoid some common dangers when feeding your baby.

Mealtime should be a happy time. There are so many acceptable foods, you shouldn’t even miss the few “no-no’s” we’ve provided. All parents want their babies to grow healthy and safe. Happy Eating!

Image by: kerrvillepediatrician.com