Dangers of Baby Walkers

The baby walker was developed many years ago and while we have seen vast improvements in design and safety, there continues to be serious accidents. The problem is that baby walkers are advertised as being “the solution” for providing support and stability to a baby wanting to walk. The concept is good but dangers exist. In fact, baby walkers are now outlawed in Canada with many professionals pushing for the same in the United States.

One of the greatest dangers associated with the baby walker has to do with stairs. Unfortunately, millions of homes around the country are built with stairs. What happens is that when the baby is in the walker and stairs are not blocked off, the baby can easily take a serious tumble. Due to the design of the baby walker, the baby falls to the bottom of the stairs, thus causing serious injury and even death.

If, and that is a big if, you decide to buy a baby walker, you need to be aware of the supervision level required. For instance, even if you have a baby gate at the top of the stairway, if that should not be installed properly or slip, the baby and walker could still fall. Remember, it takes just a second for something to happen. You could leave the door to the downstairs open, thinking you will be in the other room for just a second and then disaster strikes.

Another common problem is other children in the home. Of course, it would be an accident, but if an older child were to accidentally leave the door open or simply not close it tight enough, again, a baby in a walker is just an accident waiting to happen. With too many possibilities associated with baby walkers, the American Academy of Pediatrics among other reputable organizations, discourage this type of purchase.

Obviously, you want to do everything in your power to provide your baby with a safe home. In addition, you want to encourage your child to be independent when learning to walk but dangers involved are a top consideration. For instance, while stairs are the most common problem, a baby walker also makes your child mobile. This means sharp, hot, or other potentially dangerous things left out on the coffee table now become a target for your baby. While not everyone agrees, we strongly suggest you do your homework on this issue, looking closely at the pros and cons before buying a baby walker.

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