Dating Tips for Women

Every magazine for women will usually carry one or two articles a year offering dating tips for women. These tips are specific to the age demographic of the magazine they are printed in. The dating tips for women can be complicated or simple, but they all revolve around some common themes.

A popular dating tip for women is to not be late. It’s usually ranked up very high on a list working on the assumption that all women spend too much time primping and are usually late for any pick up time or meeting they have scheduled. Since men and women seem equally split on the issue of promptness, it’s probably a good idea to be within on time if a dinner reservation or movie start time is involved, but unless there is a really hard time constraint, a few minutes (re: under 10) usually won’t be a problem.

Don’t worry so much about how you look is another dating tip for women who can agonize over their appearance. No one thinks they look perfect and every woman will notice even the tiniest flaw in her own appearance. It will not matter if it isn’t remotely visible to their date. Some women can spend an entire evening being so aware of whatever the flaw is in their appearance that they can actually impede their own enjoyment of the evening. Take a tip from one survey of men that stated most men were just happy that the date shows up.

Whether you ask the guy or he asks you, one important dating tip for women is doesn’t agree to a date you know you won’t enjoy at all. If the person you are going out with wants to go see professional wrestling and that’s the last thing you want to do, be honest. Guys aren’t stupid, they know when their date is disgusted, irritated or worse, bored. When two people go out on a date, any date, it’s not a success if both parties don’t have fun. So don’t be afraid to say you’d love to spend time with them, but you’d rather choose a different activity.

And one final dating tip for women (and men for that matter) is after a successful date, don’t spend all your time trying to drop a subtle hint for another date or waiting around for the phone to ring. Ask for the opportunity, but don’t fish. Not everyone likes directness, but a greater majority will appreciate the knowledge that you had a good time and are interested in going out again. Don’t sit and wait for the phone to ring if you want to go out, it’s not uncommon that uncertainty can follow even the best date, especially if you wanted to make a great impression.

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