Daughter of a King – Rachel Ann Nunes

Possibly the most famous picture book to come out of the LDS market, “Daughter of a King” by best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes is a sweet and poignant reminder to little girls, young women, and older women too, of their divine heritage as daughters of Heavenly Father, Who truly is The King.

Katie was a young girl who lived in a small house in a small village. Her parents frequently told her that she was a princess, but she didn’t always look like one. She liked to run and play, and her dress got holes regularly.

After dinner, her parents would sit with her on the porch and tell her stories about the beautiful Crystal Palace where she came from, and where she would go again, when the time came. They explained that she had been sent to them to learn and to grow, and discover how to act like a princess. Then it would be time for her to return.

Sometimes it was hard to remember to act like a princess, especially when her friends wanted her to do something wrong. She explained to them that her father, the King, wouldn’t like her to behave that way, and her friends laughed. Many of them did not believe that she was a princess. But some of them did – in fact, they were princesses too! They supported Katie in her quest and she supported them, and they learned how to be princesses together.

When it came time for Katie to marry, she found a young man who was a prince. Together they had a prince of their own, and taught him about the Crystal Palace. Every day, when they were faced with challenges, they reminded each other of the King who was waiting for them, and how they must not disappoint Him.

Katie’s mother and father left on their journey to the Crystal Palace, and after more years passed, it was time for Katie and her husband to go as well. At the end of the long and difficult road, they were welcomed into the arms of the King Himself, who recognized them immediately and took them to live with Him forever.

The first time I read this story, I was pregnant, and I blamed hormones for the tears that ran down my face. The hormones went away, but the tears didn’t. This story is truly a reminder for any woman, regardless of denomination, that she is truly the daughter of the King.

(This book was published in 2001 by Covenant Communications.)

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