When my sister told me that she and her husband were having a girl, I was happy and excited for them but a little bit jealous at the same time. I had just found out that I was pregnant with my second child when she told me (I was fifteen weeks behind my sister). I was really hoping and wishing that my husband and I were also having a girl. While every fiber of my being wanted to have a girl, I tried not to get too set on the idea because we had just as much chance of having another boy. When we finally had our ultrasound, fifteen weeks later, I was ecstatic to discover that we were having a girl too. My sister and I were having daughters who would be only three months apart (give or take a week).

The first time we were able to get our daughters together was at my daughter’s baptism. We placed our daughters into each other’s line of vision and we prompted them to say hello to the other’s cousin but the developmental difference between the two was too great (my daughter was only six weeks and her cousin was four and a half months).

Now that my sister and her family has moved back to our hometown, we have made a concerted effort to get our daughters together as often as possible. At six and nine months the developmental differences between the two have narrowed quite a bit. They both can make eye contact with each other which leads to lots of smiles and laughs. However, they are not very good at sharing and frequently take toys away from each other. Regardless of how our daughters get along (we think they get along really well), my sister and I love getting our daughters together!