David Lista Films Girl’s Restroom

Stories such as these really make me sad to even be reporting to you. However as an education blogger it is my duty to report the good along with the bad.

Again a fellow educator has brought shame to the profession.

Mills High School teacher, David Lista, has been accused of filming high school girls in the restroom.

Lista is an English teacher at the school with a classroom adjacent to the girl’s restroom. The discovery came about when the technology coordinator realized that a server had been overloaded. Once he checked into the problem, he found over thirty graphic photos. The coordinator quickly contacted the school administration and police.

When the police searched the home of Lista they expected to find evidence of his filming. However, instead they found evidence of drug use.

Officials believe that Lista went through the closet of the classroom and installed cameras into the restroom. They think that the filming may have been occurring for about a month.

Lista has been placed on leave from the school until the police can investigate more into the filming. He paid bond and was released from jail due to the drug charges.

Wrong doing and acts such as these can happen in most any profession. I have heard of filming in doctor offices and hotels as well as other public areas. However, we place a lot of trust in the people that educate our children. We expect them to stand to a higher degree (and they should).

However I think that an act such as this can not be blamed on public education nor the administrators of the school such as many like to do. The only blame that can be given when something like this happens is to the person who committed the crime. Therefore I am glad to hear that the teachers and the students at the school are doing the best that they can to pick up and carry on.

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