Days and Days and Days of Rain

I live in the Pacific Northwest–the climate where I live is relatively mild and since I am down in the valley, so to speak, we don’t really get the snows and ice of more harsh winters. What we do get, however, is rain–we have been enduring days and days and days of rain, almost nonstop. Even for those of us who are used to it, all this rain can take its toll on a family…

My son was pacing around the house this morning, ruminating on whether or not he wanted to get his rain gear on to go to a movie with a friend. Meanwhile, there seems to be a lot of sleeping and lounging about as we are still on winter break here too. For my own self, I would love to not have to suit up in waterproof outerwear just to take out the garbage or step out to get the mail. Even going from house to carport to other covered areas is not protection enough when the rain is coming from every direction in a slanted angle. We either stay indoors, or we get wet. Too much indoor togetherness can be a strain on any family!

I thought I might do a little cleaning of my planters and pots and think about growing a few things for spring, just to get out into the fresh air a bit–stepping off the patio, however, brought me into contact with swamps and puddles and my rubber clogs stuck deep in the sopping mud. Back indoors for me.

We’re trying to spread out, we’ve watched a few movies and cooked a few treats–but sooner or later each of us has to venture out into the “outside” world–one can only take so much of family life and family togetherness–even if we ARE managing to get along decently!

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