Special Deals: Burberry Umbrellas & Pulsar Men’s Watches

Burberry Umbrella

Special Deal on a Burberry Umbrella

Whether or not you are an avid fan of designer fashions and accessories, this deal on a Burberry umbrella is quite a surprise, considering that most Burberry items range in the $100s and above. This umbrella retails for $100, but Amazon.com is currently offering it for $39.89. You save $60.11–that is a 60% savings! Of course, it may be a bit pricey for a standard umbrella, and I can hear the chatter already—“That umbrella had better keep me completely dry, and have loads of bells and whistles, for that price!” Touché. Still, if you are yearning to own a designer product, this is a great deal. The pattern is called “Dark Camel,” and consists of a lovely neutral tan-brown, red, black, and white plaid design. These seem to be quite popular, as the “Light Beige” style umbrella, which retailed for $130 and was also being sold for $39.89, quickly sold out! Get your hands on this designer deal while you can! As an extra bonus, this product qualifies for FREE shipping! Click here for more details.

Pulsar Europa Watch Pulsar Sports Watch

Special Deal on Two Pulsar Men’s Watches

Want to get an early jump on Father’s Day? Amazon.com has two varieties of Pulsar men’s watches at extra low prices. List price is $135 for these items. Both retail for $135. However, you can get the Pulsar Men’s Europa watch for $25 (FREE shipping), and the Pulsar Men’s Sport Watch for $43.00 (FREE shipping). The savings are between 81% and 68% ($92–$110). These elegant stainless steel watches are the perfect gift for any man. My husband is a computer geek, and has a standard, every day watch, and then a nicer watch similar to these, for use on special occasions. So even if your guy doesn’t normally wear a watch with such style, this is a perfect gift! As an added bonus, the Europa is water-resistant to the depth of 100 feet, while the Sports style is water-resistant to the depth of 330 feet.