Deals to Entertain Your Kids With

Cinderella It may seem as though Summer vacation has been going on for just about forever at this point. The heat alone can make people feel sleepy, uncomfortable, and even irritable. Are your kids complaining that they are bored, and have “nothing to do”? Try some of these deals that will entertain your kids. These ideas should hold them over for at least a little while.

Does your child have a favorite Disney character? Encourage your child to write a letter to Buzz Lightyear, Ariel, Lightning McQueen, Winnie the Pooh, or whoever his or her favorite Disney character happens to be. This is your child’s opportunity to use his or her imagination, to ask their favorite character some questions, and to tell that character that he or she is loved. Send the letter to:

Walt Disney Company
Attn: Fan Mail Department
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Your child will get an autographed photo of that character sent back to them in the mail in a few weeks. It won’t cost you anything except the price of an envelope, a sheet of paper, and a stamp.

Are your kids fans of the annimated movie called “Rango”? It’s the one where Johnny Depp gives voice to a chameleon-like character who goes West, finds a town called “Dirt”, and has an epic adventure. has “Rango” on sale right now for $15.97. Use the code RANGO5GO at the checkout to save an extra $5.00 off the price of the DVD.

The Blockbuster Express kiosks have some new codes you can try and use to get a free movie rental. These codes are good until July 22, 2011. The codes are: 62MDEB7, 
23ZGDB8, 86EHJR3, 29KBDJ5, 44NCRP7, 35SVEM6, 
38JDAB3, and 
72HLG2. I have heard that if the code doesn’t work, you should try to use it to rent a movie that is not a new release. I have also heard that you can only use one of these codes with any one credit card. Using one of the codes will get you one free movie rental. Pick one your children really want to watch.

Organic Valley is giving away free Kids’ Activity Flyers. Fill out the form on their website and one will be sent to your mailbox. You must have a U.S. address in order to be sent one. Click the box on the website to receive a “Welcome Kit” that comes with coupons, and more.

Image by Raymond Brown on Flickr