Deciding to Attend a Bridal Show

In my last article I discussed how some brides-to-be find it helpful to attend a bridal show. If you are one of these women the first thing that you are probably asking is, “Where are the shows?”

There are several different ways that you can find out where and when bridal shows are held. In my area, they are posted up on huge boards along the roadside, advertised on the radio, and posted in the newspaper.

If none of these are happening in your area, check your mail (and email). If you have signed up at any bridal store or for any bridal magazine it is likely that you may receive a flyer about a bridal show through the mail or email. Vendors and hosts of bridal shows often get names and addresses from bridal magazines. They then send out flyers or emails to those that they think may be interested. You can also always search the net. Just simply type in bridal show locations or schedules and you will be amazed at how many hits you will receive.

While attending a bridal show sounds fun, it is not always free. Most bridal shows that I have seen advertise costs as much as $10 per person to attend. Some of the shows offer discount coupons for registering early or for visiting their site. Be sure to check into this before attending the show. Most coupons that I noticed were for $2 off admission.

If any way possible, take someone to the show with you. Your fiancé may not be too excited about attending, however others may be. While there are some men who attend the shows, well over 50 percent of the brides-t-be do not have their mate. Therefore, do not pressure him. If he does not want to attend, he will only be a negative vibe for the day! Ask your mom, sister, or maid of honor. Also check with his side of the family!

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