Decorate Easter Eggs With Scrapbooking Supplies

Easter is only two days a way. If you haven’t already decorated your Easter eggs, now is the time to do it. Easter is great time to use your scrapbooking supplies. They can be used to decorate baskets, easter eggs, and greeting cards. You can even use floss, yarn and raffia as Easter basket fillers, just like plastic grass.

Decorating eggs with scrapbooking supplies is super easy and lots of fun. You can use your leftover supplies, or even buy new stuff to use just for Easter. There are tons of products out there to decorate your layouts with, so just look further and see what you can do with some on an Easter egg.

It is up to you whether you use traditional Easter egg dye or not. It is possible to use some of the cool scrapbooking dye’s available to add some color to the eggs. You can even paint your eggs with scrapbooking paints instead of dye.

After you have dyed or painted your eggs, they will need to dry completely in order for you to embellish them further. I recommend a full 24 hours just to be sure, however less time is alright too.

Gather together the things you will want to use for decorations. You can use anything you use for your layouts that can lie flat, for instance your stickers, floss, fibers, buttons, sequins, glitter, ribbons and anything else you might find.

You have the option of using regular glue, be sure it is not water based, or use a hot or cold glue gun. You can also use a decoupage glue which often works better.

Begin to place embellishments on the egg, decorating the egg the same way you would if you were altering an item. Because you cannot keep these eggs, you can use anything, even non acid-free items in addition to anything else you are using. Obviously you are not worried about the longevity of the eggs, so just have fun with it.

If you do about a half dozen to a dozen eggs, you can place them in a wooden bowl, or straw basket and place them in the center of your table. They make a really pretty and unique centerpiece. I did mine last year on paper mache eggs, so I am lucky enough to have them again this year as a decoration!

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