Decorate for Halloween Without Going Overboard or Over Budget


Have you seen how much realistic-looking severed heads and limbs dripping with fake blood cost these days?

Gore can really add up.

If you are looking for ways to keep your Halloween decor and spending on the conservative side, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country prefer embellishing their homes and offices with subtle holiday touches, such as:

Leaf Garlands: Show your love for the season by purchasing inexpensive fall leaf garlands from discount stores. The vibrantly colored strands are an easy way to show your love for the season without going overboard. Simply drape the garland around the edge of your desk, table or around a banister.

Colorful Centerpieces: Select a series of mini pumpkins and team them with twigs and berries to make a simple Halloween centerpiece. Then, add some colorful autumn leaves and some festive candles to complete the look.

Ghost Chairs: Cover your dining room or kitchen chairs with white sheets to resemble ghosts. Next, purchase cheap packages of synthetic spider webs and spread them across the top of the chairs. You could also add the webs to computer monitors, corners of shelves and across plants.

Haunted Books: Cover a bunch of books with orange, black and white paper. Then, write Halloween-themed titles on their spines and display on a shelf peppered with inexpensive plastic spiders or other creepy bugs.

Go Batty: Cut-out bat shapes from black construction paper, decorate, and then hang them from the ceiling with fishing line. Another cheap way to make cute or spooky Halloween bats is to have your child dip his hands in black finger paint and press them down on paper (wrist to wrist) to create bat wings. Then, paint or draw a simple face in the middle of the bat’s head with white paint and use the finished product to decorate your home.

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