Decorate for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. You might not be used to decorating for Mother’s Day, but why not make this day extra special for Mom? Let her sleep in (or stay in her room and relax) while you get things ready, and make your home feel as festive as you would for any other special occasion.

Cover the dining table with a pretty tablecloth. Buy a new one if you need to. You can find some very nice damask tablecloths at Wal-Mart for very affordable prices, and Mom will appreciate the extra gift. Set the table with your best dishes and add a nice centerpiece. If you bought Mom flowers, they will make the perfect centerpiece, or you can use the ideas below or come up with your own design.

Centerpiece Ideas

1. Find a great picture (even a snapshot) of the entire family and place it in a pretty, freestanding picture frame. Place it in the center of the table. Surround it with votive candles in delicate glass holders in different shapes and sizes. You can find all these items at discount stores. Wrap ribbon and strings of costume pearls around the base of the picture frame and the bases of the candleholders.

2. Place a pink or white pillar candle on top of a white plate. Surround it with pink tulle or some sheer or iridescent fabric, bunching it up in little swirls (it’s easier to do if you cut the fabric into strips – fold it over so the rough edges don’t show). Next, drape a string or two of costume pearls around the candle and over and under the fabric. Dot the arrangement with tiny satin ribbon roses in pink or white.

These are simple ways to make Mother’s Day feel as special as other holidays and occasions. Mom will be surprised and delighted that you went to the extra effort.