Decorate Your Candles

Embellished candles can be very attractive, but they can also be quite pricey, depending on the name brand. You can however decorate your own candles to make them more interesting, and it’s a simple enough project that anyone can do it.

Start by looking in a fabric shop or the notions section of your favorite store for straight pins with decorative heads. You can find them with colored heads, beaded heads, and even tiny pearls. Even plain straight pins will work, depending on the design you want to create.

Next, look in the office supply store or section for thumbtacks in an assortment of colors. You can simply press thumbtacks into a votive or pillar candle to create polka dots or any other design. Add them randomly or lightly sketch a design in place before you begin.

To make stripes, wrap a piece of tape around the candle and line the pins or thumbtacks up with the edge of the tape (don’t poke through tape). Remove the tape when your stripes are in place.

Mix thumbtacks and straight pins alternating them to create more interesting designs. However, straight pins are a little long so you should cut them down with snips before pressing them into the candle. Leave about ¼” of the pin intact. Use the sharp tip or use a thumbtack to make a “pilot hole” so the end of the pin will slide in easily.

Add cording or other trim in coordinating colors to the bottom of the candle. It should skirt the candle and lie flat. Attach with pins and you can remove it later to use for another candle. Do not allow the candle to burn low enough to catch the trim on fire.

Display individual candles or make an assortment of embellished candles to create a vignette or a centerpiece.

*As always take care with lit candles and put them out before leaving the room.