Decorating a Journal (3)

It’s not time to actually begin your journal. If you a true scrapbooker, you want this to be a true reflection of yourself and show off your personality a bit.

Of course we can record the everyday mundane things, but try to spice it up a little. Here are a few examples on how:

Include Pictures

Yep, just adhere them right to your page and journal around them. Either use up duplicates, or take a few new ones. Cut out of magazines, photos that interest you or set a mood for how you feel that day. If you have a scanner, try scanning and reducing the size of the photos to best incorporate them onto the page.

Use Your Scrapbook Supplies

Just drag out your die cuts, and leftover stickers. Maybe even a few embellishments. Some ribbon or fibers, create a tag. Whatever. Just be creative. Just remember that heavier metals might not be the best on thin notebook paper. You could instead use flat charms. If you want to use an eyelet or brad, try to use a photograph on the backside of that page to cover the mess you made. Try to use up the leftovers you have so they don’t go to waste. And your journal is the perfect place!

Pull Out the Markers, Colored Pencils and Scrapbook Pens

Doodle, color, draw, make notes, embellish letters, draw bullet points, make lists, add color and festivity throughout the entire journal. Just add your own personal flair. Use rubber stamps and ink on your pages. Try writing in different fonts, mix them up – both font type and size.

Need A Firmer Page?

Glue a piece of cardstock to one of the pages. This will bulk up the page and make it stiffer so it can hold a heavier embellishment or be used for another creative technique. Use a corner rounder to round up the corners so they don’t stick out.

Try a pair of scissors

Cut holes through cardstock glued pages and have a photo peeking through, or a quote or poem, or whatever. Try using circles, squares, and other shapes to make the book more interesting.

Include other items

Add a tag or envelope to a page to emphasize a point. Place a mini album on a page to highlight some especially fun photos, or ideas you have. Maybe some thumbnail images of your favorite scrapbook layouts with the story behind them.

Don’t be so acid uptight

If you are generally very used to watching for acid-free items, break your own habits and try using other items in your scrapbooks. Newspaper clippings, brochures, hand made papers, greeting cards, anything flat, and anything you want to use!

Most importantly HAVE fun and make it your OWN!

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