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Spring has sprung in our neighborhood. I know this because Mrs. Malagday’s gigantic floral wreaths are hanging from her front doors. Mrs. Malagday is a lovely woman who lives in a huge home with a double door entrance a few streets down from us. My daughter and I pass her “mansion” on our way to the neighborhood park. Yesterday, we noticed that she had placed the massive wreaths up and also added a potted plant to her front stoop. It made me hang my head and wonder what people must think of our front door and porch area—-all I have out is a slightly worn welcome mat.

I blame my lack of effort on time constraints, but deep down I know that it doesn’t take that much effort to make a home’s exterior entry way (the front door and porch area) as welcoming as possible. After all, it is the area guests see first and it can say a lot about you.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas I am mulling over to add a personal touch to my home’s front door and porch area.


Good ol’ paint. It’s probably the easiest and least expensive way to add pizzazz to your entry. We have a neighbor whose home is slate blue, but his front door is painted bright red. (It may sound funky, but it really looks quite attractive.) I personally wouldn’t be as daring, but if you are looking to add a splash of color, a bright door is a viable option. Just remember, dark colors draw attention, but extreme contrasts may be a bit distractive, so it’s important to stay in the same color family. It’s a good idea to visit a paint store to view brochures of recommended palettes using your existing colors. Also, don’t forget to sand the door before painting or the paint will eventually peel.


Adding a piece of pottery to your entry is simple and effective. Depending on the size of your porch, you could either set out a large single piece or a group of smaller pots. If you are not working with a budget go with ceramic pots—-they are the most expensive, about $40 for a 12-inch pot, but well worth the investment. If you don’t have that much money you could opt for pots made of fiberglass—they are less expensive, but look just as appealing. I personally like the look of terra cotta, which can be easily painted to work with your scheme and budget. A large 16-inch terra cotta pot at our local garden supply shop is just under $20.

Doorbell Cover

Doorbell covers are an inexpensive way to add a personal touch. The one I have been eyeing is pineapple shaped and made of brass (I’m originally from Hawaii). But, you can find doorbell covers in a variety of shapes and sizes from lighthouses to flowers… and everything in between.

Other ways to spruce up your entry include adding new light fixtures and replacing worn house numbers with bright new ones.

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