Decorating Your Home with Disney-at-Home

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in January 2006. Please check Disney for availability of current items.

One might assume that home decorating with Disney might come across as garish and gaudy. In the past, with only a few select items, this may have been the case, but with some of the stylish merchandise that Disney-at-Home has to offer, not only can you incorporate some Disney Magic into your home, you can also make your home beautiful and inviting.

With Disney Shopping, you can inject a little bit of Disney into your home without going overboard and making your neighborhood’s “Most Eccentric” list (not that it would be a bad thing).

mickey bedroom

Consider some of the items available for your bedroom. Normally, you wouldn’t even consider putting Disney themed furniture in your most private sanctuary. However, with Disney’s newest line of home furnishings, you’d really have to pay attention to even notice that the furniture had anything out of the usual, but upon closer inspection you see the little details that make this piece of furniture a bit more special than your usual fare.

mickey drawer pull

Without overdoing it, you can add a little bit of Disney magic to your bedroom. However, there are more ways to spice up your home than just with Disney’s line of bedroom furnishings.

For instance, if you really want to infuse a bit of Disney into your entertainment room, you can hide your television inside this classy armoire stained with the image of the Classic Mickey Mouse.

mickey armoire

A little too much? Not to worry as Disney has just introduced some fabulous new retro-themed throw pillows that feature the classic Mickey in bright color schemes that would look perfect on a dark, solid couch.

mickey pillow

Your Disney decor doesn’t simply have to remain inside, either. Disney-at-Home has some fantastic items that greet guests as they enter your home such as Mickey themed porch-lights, a welcome bell, and Classic Disney character garden statues.

However, I believe the strongest line of merchandise within the Disney-at-Home family is Disney’s kitchen decor and accessories. Disney’s kitchen merchandise offers the benefit of allowing you to rotate your dinnerware so that you can switch between your Disney items and others. However, you’ll find that many of Disney’s kitchen accessories are so stylish, you’ll have a hard time replacing them.

One of my favorite items is the 16 pc. Mickey Bistro Dinnerware just introduced by Disney-at-Home. This beautiful blue and white set is reminiscent of the cafes and diners of the 1950s and has such a simple design, you can use it for casual dining or entertaining.

mickey bistro dinnerware

If you prefer a little more color and fancy, Disney-at-Home has just introduced a new line of Alice in Wonderland dinnerware set that is as striking as it is colorful.

alice in wonderland dinnerware

Whether you’re a more subtle decorator or like a little more color in your home, Disney-at-Home has something to offer you.

Do you have a Disney themed room in your house? Have you incorporated Disney decor into your house? If so, send me a photo of your room by clicking on my name above and you could be featured in an upcoming blog article.