Defending Our Hobby

scrapbooking hobby layouts photographsWhy do we always feel the need to defend our hobby? Scrapbooking is a relaxing, creative outlet for most.

Often when I am out and about and I either meet someone new, or I meet a friend of a friend type of thing, I get that look.

Are you familiar with that look?

The one that says “Oh, you’re one of those.”

Almost as if we are some rare breed of species that runs around doing horrible things and should be banished. But that is not how I feel. I am proud of my hobby, I am proud that I like preserving my families memories and I am proud that I am creative enough to do it!

It isn’t so horrible to have a camera ready at a given moment to capture a memory for a lifetime.

It isn’t so horrible to take dozens of rolls of film on one vacation and wind up with 200 pictures of a weekend trip to the lake.

It isn’t so horrible to take those precious photos and want to display them for others to see.

It isn’t so horrible to create beautiful layouts to put into albums and care about where or how they are stored.

It isn’t so horrible to write freely, or even to struggle with words when putting your journaling together on a scrapbook page.

It isn’t so horrible to have a hobby that allows freedom with creativity and so many wonderful products and supplies to use.

It isn’t so horrible to be careful not to place acidic items anywhere near your photos.

It isn’t so horrible to pull your albums out frequently and look through them with your children, laughing at the memories and recalling special times together.

It isn’t so horrible to be a scrapbooker.

I challenge you to create a layout today on a special quirk you have as a scrapbooker. Perhaps your hoarding of every patterned paper, or your colorful array of cardstock that has taken over your scrapbook area. Or maybe it’s your thousands of unused supplies and tools that almost seem obsolete now from years past. Whatever it is or was, be creative and commemorate some special aspect of your hobby.

Remember, everyone needs something. If that something is SCRAPBOOKING, all the better!