Defining Your Entrepreneurial Type

In a previous blog entitled “Pick a Business Type – Then Explore Your Options”, I discussed my search to find a business that interested me and would work well for me. I definitely went down some wrong paths in my search.

Long after I settled on a freelance writing business, I found a great resource. I stumbled across a book at my local bookseller – boy, do I wish I’d found it earlier. The book is titled “What Business Should I Start: 7 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Business for You” by Rhonda Abrams.

Abrams is a nationally syndicated small business columnist. Her column appears in over 100 newspapers in the United States. She also started a very successful business plan consulting service. She has a number of books related to business plans and starting your own small business.

There was a reason this particular book piqued my interest – primarily because of Abrams unique approach to finding the right business. Instead of relying on standard advice about past experience, or doing what you love most, Abrams instructs the reader to take some time to complete a brief assessment. This brief questionnaire is aimed at uncovering information about your “E-Type”, your entrepreneurial type.

Your Entrepreneur Type helps you figure out what type of business is the best fit for you. It helps you discover your entrepreneurial personality. Even better, the book gives many career options within each E-Type.

Abrams outlines how you can use the information to develop a business concept that’s right for you. She walks you through the process of taking your basic entrepreneurial personality and building a plan for a business – from the business concept to the actual inception.

Check out Abrams site,, for more information about this book and other great materials for small business planning.

Oh, by the way, my E-Type – CT: Communicator/Trainer. Of course, freelance writer is one of the possible careers within this E-Type. Thank goodness, I’m finally doing something right.

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