Dell Creates Colorful New Notebooks

On Tuesday, at a special event held in New York, Dell unveiled two new notebook computers. The event, held at Macy’s in Herald Square are creating quite a buzz because of their colorful look.

The new notebooks are available in colors such as sunshine yellow, flamingo pink, ruby red, alpine white, midnight blue, jet black and espresso.

The new notebooks feature a lightweight design and “advanced” features. What those features are, though, aren’t completely clear.

One thing that is clear is that this is a significant move for Dell. Normally, Dell’s home computers are off-shoots of their business computers. While Dell is the number 2 PC-maker, they only have about 15 percent of the home computing market at present. With these new notebooks, it is clear that they are trying to capture more interest with personal home computers.

Unfortunately, although Dell has promised to put their new line up on their website, they not yet updated their site at the time I am writing this, so you won’t be able to check them out for yourself. Or if the new notebooks are on the site, they are hidden better than the proverbial software Easter egg.

The midrange notebook computers will start at $749.


In other Dell news, the company announced that it will be discontinuing its Dimension line for desktop computers and switch over to the Inspiron line, a name once used only for Dell notebooks. Again, this is a move that Dell seems to be making to capture the home PC market. While only thrity-something percent of all household own notebook computers, notebook computers are the fastest growing segment of PC sales. So it makes a lot of sense for Dell to shake things up a bit in terms of their notebooks, in order to improve sales.

Last year, Computer giant Hewlett Packard Co. surpassed Dell in sales to earn the title of the number one PC maker in terms of unit sales.

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