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NIU Are you on Facebook? Did you put information on your profile about where you went to college? If so, then you might see an ad for dental insurance that comes from your alumni association. It could be a good option for people who currently lack dental insurance.

Recently, my husband and I found affordable health insurance that included dental insurance. Naturally, now that we actually have this type of coverage, ads for dental insurance seem to be popping up all over the place. I never would have guessed that my alumni association would offer me dental insurance coverage, decades after I had graduated.

Facebook has a tendency to tailor the ads that it shows you based on the information that you put into your profile. I’m not sure if it also looks at what you post to your profile page or not. In any case, it tries to find ads that you might actually be interested in clicking on.

Sometimes, those ads miss the mark. I am 38 years old, and I keep getting ads for fertility clinics and specialists. My age must fall into the demographic requested by the companies that create those types of ads. I ignore these ads, because I have no interest in having a child at this time.

Once in a while, Facebook shows me an ad that gets my attention. I recently saw an ad that appeared to be offering me dental insurance. It wasn’t through any of the private insurance companies that have Facebook pages, though. Instead, it was from the alumni association of the university that I graduated from. Maybe your alumni association is offering similar coverage.

I clicked on the ad, for more information. It appears to be a group dental plan. I can get this for just myself, or, I can have my family covered as well. I can enroll online, and am guaranteed that I will be approved for this dental insurance. The ad points out that I can use any dentist I want, (unlike the dental insurance that I am currently paying for).

I decided to find out more. The first question I am asked is about where I live. “Coverage can vary by state”. I graduated from a state university in Illinois, and am currently living in California. I can only assume that the page that came up next shows prices for alumni that live in California. There is no way to check what they charge people in other states.

The insurance is called “AlmuniDent”. If you click around, you can discover that the plan is underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, but is administered by Alumni Insurance Program.

This plan charges “less than $23 a month for individual coverage”, and “less than $21 a month for each alumni spouse, or child(ren)”. If you are married and have two kids, then this dental insurance costs around $86 per month. I will have to see how this compares to my current dental insurance.

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