Desk Makeover … On Not Even a Dime

Tristi's Desk Money is tight. That’s no surprise to any of us, I’m sure. In these days of economic turmoil, it seems very few of us haven’t felt the pinch in one way or another, and we find ourselves becoming more creative than we realized we could be.

Case in point – I had to rely on power of the glue gun not too long ago. I spend quite a lot of time at my computer, and I developed raw skin on the palm of my left hand from where it rests on my keyboard. I was also having irritation on my wrists from where they rubbed against the edge of my desk. I tried rearranging my desk and moving my keyboard here, there, and everywhere, but no matter what I did, I ended up with the same friction problems I’d been having before. It was worse in the summer, with the addition of extra heat in the air, which makes my skin even more irritated.

I went online to see what I could find. Was there some kind of keyboard cover that would keep the friction down? All I could find was a gel wrist rest. Absolutely nothing else, at all, and the wrist rest was twenty dollars. That was about twenty dollars more than I really wanted to spend.

So, here’s where creativity kicked in.

I pillaged my daughter’s scrap fabric box and came out with a long length of broad, black satin ribbon. I grabbed my glue gun and got to work.
First, I glued a two-and-a-half-foot long stretch of ribbon along the front edge of my desk. I had to hold it in place for a few minutes, but as soon as it dried, it stayed quite nicely. Then I took another length of ribbon and glued it along the edge of my keyboard, right where my palms hit. This part was a little more tricky, but I didn’t rest until I was victorious. When I was done, I ran my hands over the satin. The friction was gone.

Ever since I did this little makeover, my hours spent at the computer have been much happier. It was exactly the solution I needed, and there was no out-of-pocket expense. When money is tight, creativity can be queen.

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