Determining Your Work Values

Work values are what you personally find important in a job. Everyone’s work values are different, but whatever they are, they are significant to you and to your job search. Sometimes people can’t figure out why they aren’t happy in a job. I would argue that your job probably does not mesh well with one of your core work values. Other people can’t find a job they want to do. If you know your work values, that can make it a lot easier to deal with both of these problems.

What exactly are work values? Here is are some of the things people look for in a job:

• Good work hours
• Benefits Salary
• Good supervisor
• Nice coworkers
• A job you enjoy
• A job that’s rewarding
• Work location
• Type of work
• Steady job Work atmosphere
• Recognition for doing well
• Job environment

The problem is, it’s almost impossible to find a job that will meet every single one of these things. When I have someone who comes to me and says they can’t find a job, it is usually because they are ignoring the jobs that don’t have all their work values. You have to prioritize these values and let go of the ones that are not critical to your job satisfaction.

When you are determining your work values, you will have to select the ones that are the most important to you.

Here’s a few examples:
Perhaps you decide that a good salary is most important. That might mean that you’d be willing to work in another town, even though you have to drive an hour both ways. Or maybe you won’t be happy unless your job is rewarding or serves some higher purpose. If that’s the case, then you might be willing to take a lower salary.

Stop for a moment and write down your work values. Then rank them in order of importance to you. Now you have a place to start when it comes to looking for work or to determining if you should stay at your current job.