Detoxing Your Body – Part 1

Oh, I have been on an eating binge since the holiday season began. Candies, cakes, ice cream – anything that is bad for me. And on top of that, I stopped exercising.

Now, I am feeling the effects. I feel sluggish and just want to sleep all the time. And my belly – oh, let’s not even talk about how it’s grown.

What I plan on doing is detoxing and exercising at the beginning of the year. I know a lot of people make a weight loss resolution each year, but I am miserable right now and something has to change.

Here are a few ways to try to detox your system of junk and feel better and be healthier:

1. Sweat it out. If you have access to a sauna, go and sweat to eliminate toxins in the skin (after checking with your doctor, of course).

2. Do some type of daily stretching. Tai chi, yoga – whatever, just get up and stretch. It won’t make you sweat, but it will make you feel much better and more flexible.

3. Eat organic food. Yes, I know it is more expensive, but what price can you put on your health when consuming foods without pesticides?

4. Eat raw vegetables. Eat a salad, make raw veggie juice – just get those daily, fresh nutrients in your body.

5. Add wheatgrass to your diet. Yes, wheatgrass the stuff you’ve probably made fun of health conscious people for drinking. But guess what? It is filled with nutrients!

6. Read food labels. If the label contains a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard of, you may want to rethink putting it in your body.

7. Exercise, exercise, exercise. It cannot be stressed enough how important exercise is to cleansing your system and making you healthier.

8. Eat some detoxing foods and spices. What does that include? Great detoxifiers include broccoli, ginger, blueberries, sprouts, garlic, turmeric, cabbage, and spinach.

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