Diaper Tricycle

This is the summer for babies in my family. I have three baby showers to go to in the next month, all boys. That means lots of shower gifts. I usually make a diaper cake, after all, everyone needs diapers. This time I tried something different. I saw a diaper tricycle online and thought it was perfect for all the boys in my life. It’s easy and you don’t have to be crafty to make it.

55 diapers
2 receiving blankets
A bib
Safety pins
Baby bottle
A pair of baby socks
A pair of baby mittens
Rubber bands

You will need fifteen diapers for each back wheel and 25 diapers for the front wheel. Use a toilet paper tube and start rolling the diapers around it. This is easier with another person but if you are by yourself, build the wheels in a bowl to help hold them in place.

When each wheel is finished put a rubber band around it to hold it in place and then wrap it with ribbon. You can safety pin the ends of the ribbon together or hot glue them. Remove the toilet paper tube.

Once your wheels are done, roll up the receiving blankets. Roll these as tight as you can get them.

Put one of the receiving blankets through the hole in the front wheel, make sure it’s even on both sides.

Take the back wheels and put them next to and behind the front wheel, stick the receiving blanket through the hole from the outside. Pin the ends together between the back wheels.

Lay the bib so the part that goes around the baby’s neck hangs down the front tire a little and the big part of the bib forms the tricycle seat over the two back tires.

Take the other receiving blanket and put it through the front wheel pulling the ends up. Lay the baby bottle on top of the wheel and tie the receiving blanket together with ribbon above it.

Now put a sock over each end of the receiving blanket and cover the end of the sock with a mitten. Bend the ends of the receiving blanket down into a handle bar and you are done.

Isn’t that cute?