Diary of an Overweight Mom: Day 17—Get Out of Jail Free Pass

Morning Weight: 179.8

Total Weight Lost: 5.8 pounds

Yep, today was one of those days. I didn’t eat so well yesterday, but today the scale granted me a “Get out of jail free” pass. And I’m using it to my advantage.I’m going to realign my goals and finally get to the store to buy some fruits and veggies.

I want to discuss a trend I’m seeing among my fitness “buddies” lately. The trend is—wait, where did they go? That’s right, they are starting to filter off one by one. Why? Perhaps it’s because they’re busy. Perhaps it’s because they’ve made some “bad” choices lately and figure, “what’s the use?” Perhaps it’s because the honeymoon phase has passed and now this whole, “let’s get fit” thing doesn’t sound so great. At any rate, this is an official invitation back. Come back—don’t leave me! Let me tell you, it’s not easy recording my weight for people to see each day. Some days I succeed. Some days I fail. But every day I write to you and every day I admit my successes and my failures, my strengths and my faults. Why? Because in some small way, my online “buddies” are the closest friends I have.

Yes, I have a husband. I have a sister, a best friend, children, family, and other friends. But oftentimes strangers make the best support system when embarking on a fitness quest. Why? Because they’ve been there. Because they’re there now, going through the same emotions, the same ups and downs, the same pitfalls and highs as I am. They’re not nearby to “cheat” with and they don’t get bored listening to diet talk. Sometimes it’s just easier to discuss matters of the scale with someone you haven’t seen. That said, I’ve met some wonderful women through this forum and I’d be happy and proud to have a cup of coffee with any of them any day.

Now, onto today’s business: eating out. Eating out is part of life. Let’s face it, you’re not always going to cook. So you need to be able to tailor your diet around your outings. Today I had lunch out. I wanted the Crispy Chicken (aka fried) Sandwich. Instead, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Wrap with a side salad. It IS possible to eat out and not destroy your diet.

I’ve had a few rough days this past week. But today I finally feel like things are looking up again. I can do this. I can turn the scale in the other direction and get it moving down again. No matter where you are in your own quest to lose weight, lose cholesterol, or just stay healthy, I hope you’ll keep going too. Strength doesn’t come from always making the right choices—sometimes it comes from making your choices right. Make sense? Think about it.

In the meantime, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel. (Yes, that’s a Batman spoof)