Diary of an Overweight Mom- Day 3: Sayonara no-carb

Morning Weight: 182.4

Well, gloriously, the scale has consistently gone down the past few days. However, now I’ve decided for a number of reasons to NOT do a low-carb diet today. First, although I did well the first two days eating very few carbohydrates, I found myself scrounging in the Cheeze-Its last night. So it’s only by a miracle that my weight was down today. That’s the problem with low carbohydrate diets. It’s either all or nothing. If you follow the rules explicitly you can lose weight—a lot of weight, very quickly. And it is possible to keep it off if you keep up a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re not 100 percent committed to a low carbohydrate diet, then it’s diet suicide when you “slip up.” On a regular eating plan, where you’re eating food from all the different food groups, a couple of crackers are no big deal. But when you’re not eating bread or crackers or pasta or rice, and you make the “mistake” of diving into some form of carbohydrate goodness, you can gain back weight very quickly.

So today I’ve decided to cut my portions. I’m allowing myself bread, but in smaller quantities. I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and I’m trying to drink more water. Will it pay off? We’ll see—my weight loss will slow down. It may stall altogether for a few days, but it’ll be worth it if I can lose weight consistently while eating normal foods and not snacking on eggs and meat.

Oh, and before I forget—I exercised today! I put in my Walk Away the Pounds video and got through 1.5 of the 3 miles. I would’ve continued but my kids were running around me and there’s nothing like a spastic child to make you ditch the workout and take a shower. But hey, it was something. And tomorrow I’ll increase the time and the distance.

Here’s how today shaped up:

Breakfast: 1 piece of multi-grain toast, 1 teaspoon jam, 1 egg

Lunch: ½ tomato, ½ avocado—Later, fruit salad made with fresh kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and peaches, and half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with 1 piece multi-grain bread, 1 TB reduced fat peanut butter, 2 tsp. jam.

Dinner: Chicken in tomato sauce, zucchini, corn cooked on the stovetop with red peppers and onion and parsley.

Snack: 1 cup Cheeze-Its—oops.

How did your day go? I hope you’ll share yours with me.

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