Diary of an Overweight Mom: Day 9—Give Me An Inch, I’ll Take a Mile

Morning Weight: 180.2 (down 6 ounces from yesterday by some miracle)

Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds 4 ounces

I woke up today dreading my morning weigh-in. After my “affair” with snack foods yesterday, I knew I’d blown it. But by some miracle, my weight had decreased this morning. Perhaps the reasoning can be chalked up to the fact that I did eat less, even though I snacked. I only ate 1 cup of macaroni and cheese instead of indulging in my usual second helping. And although I ate crackers and “bad stuff,” I didn’t gorge on it. Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too? Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps I got lucky. This happens every now and then. I’ll be doing great then will completely blow it. But for some reason the scale will be down the next day. It almost feels (be prepared—a bout of irrational insanity is coming) like the scale is giving me a “get out of jail free” pass, like it’s saying, “Okay, I know you really messed up, but just this once I’ll let you slide by.”

So today I’m cracking down. I’m eating less carbs, though I am eating bread. No couscous for lunch today.

I’m almost out of the 180’s. Almost there. If I can keep going, I’ll be in the 170’s soon. Heck, ten pounds from now I may even have to buy new clothes. Wouldn’t THAT be glorious! Before starting this diary, I had lost about ten pounds. Now with my added five pounds gone my clothes are noticeably loser and just fit so much better. It makes me feel thin even though I’m so not.

How did your day shape up? I’m glad I admitted my weaknesses yesterday—it’s better to get it out there, be honest about it, and then move on having learned something. I learned yesterday that the little snacks aren’t worth it anymore. If I want them really badly, then sure, I’ll indulge. But I can work my day around those “moments” and I can choose to only have a piece of the pie rather than the entire pie plus whipped cream—know what I mean?

Here’s how today shaped up:

Breakfast: Coffee, 1 piece multi-grain toast with 1 tsp. strawberry jam, 2 eggs

Lunch: 1 apple, 1 plum, ¼ cup macaroni and cheese (seriously—not a spoon more)

Dinner: Salad from Baja Fresh—can you believe I didn’t get a burrito? I can’t. But it’s true.

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