Diary of an Overweight Mom: Did I Succeed or Did I Fail?

We’re finally home from our weekend in Arizona. The kids had a great time playing in Grandma’s yard and roasting marshmallows at Grandpa’s. As promised, the Thanksgiving table was filled with yummy dishes, and the temptations didn’t stop there. On Friday night we were treated to a barbecue of burgers and bratwurst…and my mom’s delicious potato salad. On Saturday we grilled again at my dad’s and my step-mom made a delicious banana pudding for dessert. BANANA PUDDING…my favorite dessert of all (next to banana cream pie).

So you’ve probably guessed that I lost all sense of restraint and dived head first into all of the delectable offerings. You might also guess that I’ve put on five pounds in the last few days.

Well…(drum roll please…)you’re WRONG.

Yes, I indulged in some things. I tried the banana pudding—but I only had three bites. I ate a cookie. But that was it for dessert. Nothing else. As far as the rest of it, let’s just say I did the best I could. Yes, I ate the “bad for me” things on the table. But I didn’t over-indulge. I ate with restraint. I ate consciously. And would you believe I came home without gaining an ounce?

Trust me, getting on the scale the next morning was something I dreaded. I had no idea whether my efforts had been enough. After all, I knew I’d eaten too much potato salad. And we did have pizza and wings for lunch one day. And…and…who cares? I did the best I could. I made my goal of not gaining weight and I followed through. NOW I can move forward. Now I can set some new goals between now and Christmas. Now I have the confidence to feel like I can keep them.

The bad news is I came home with a cold after just being on antibiotics for ten days—off to bed for me. Oh wait, I have kids. Guess that means bed will have to wait.

Hope your holiday was happy. And if you did gain weight, cut yourself some slack. Today is a new day. Start anew.

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