Diary of an Overweight Mom: Grape Jelly Toast

I’m sick. I’ve been sick nearly all month. Seriously—I finished one round of antibiotics, only to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving and come home sick—again. It’s crazy.

Weight loss isn’t easy when you’re sick. This is especially true because carbohydrates are often the easiest food group to digest. Personally, all I want right now is buttered toast with grape jelly. I ate it for breakfast. I ate it last night around 10pm. I ate it yesterday for lunch, too, and will likely eat it for lunch again today. I’ve also eaten crackers and whatever fast food my husband has brought home for the last three nights.

I’ve only gained a few ounces, in part because I’ve gotten sick every time I’ve overeaten…ah, it’s so FUN to be sick, isn’t it? If you’re sick too, and trying to lose weight at the same time, my advice is simple: DON’T.

It’s hard enough to get yourself well. If I tried to eat eggs right now, or even my favorite taco salad, my stomach would do a number on me. So I’m eating what sounds good, knowing I may gain a few pounds this week. You have to cut yourself some slack when you’re sick. Drink tea. Drink lots of liquid. It’ll help you by flushing out whatever virus is in your system, and it will also help you to NOT overeat. What could be better?

I’ve managed to stay in the 170’s for quite a while now, though I have to admit it’s 179 pounds with a few ounces tacked on. The ounces change from day to day and this morning when I weighed myself (because unless I’m actually in the hospital or on an airplane I do weigh myself every morning) the scale had creeped up to 180. I’m not stressing though. Instead, I’m resting. I’m drinking tea. I’m slurping down some chicken soup. And I’m getting better. THEN I’ll worry about the weight…again.

Hope you stay healthy this cold and flu season.

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