Diary of an Overweight Mom: Meat Roll Ups and…Chocolate??

Something happened today. Something I’m not proud of. Something I’m ashamed of. It’s my dirty little secret of the day and I’m sharing it with you, so that you can make a wiser choice and avoid my mistake.

THIS is why I give the warning to everyone—do not start a drastic weight loss plan when the holidays are near.

Today I decided to get back on track. I decided to dive back into the dieting arena, to throw off the carbohydrate gloves and to try to eat more vegetables and lean protein. I did great—until my son went to school and I laid my daughter down for a nap—until I opened the cabinet.

It was a long, thin box that stared back at me, with two little words, “Sees Candies.” And then I remembered that my husband had brought it home last night as a gift from a co-worker. I looked at the candy. I closed the cabinet, quickly. I went into the other room, but soon the temptation of that chocolaty goodness was too much to bear, and without thinking, without rationalizing, without an ounce of discretion, I flew open the cabinet and devoured one piece of decadence…and then another. By the time my little glutton trip was over, I’d eaten four pieces. Then the guilt set in.

That’s what happens when you deprive yourself. If you know you’re going to give up a food group, you want that food group as though you’ve been deprived of it for a year. It calls to you and tempts you like a magnet until you’re sucked in, devouring it in ridiculous amounts. My advice, from one diet no-gooder to another? Don’t give up entire food groups. Just watch what you eat around the holidays. You’re much more likely NOT to become a chocolate bandit that way.