Dieting and PMS: Blasted Hormones, Part II

Hormonal Imbalances Bring Out the Beast

Unstable hormone levels are responsible for those awful symptoms that control PMS. Your estrogen levels go up along with your cortisol, or stress hormone. This little guy, cortisol, triggers a response that stimulates your appetite and you may become an eating machine. You desperately seek out what will satisfy this craving and this usually comes in the form of fat and carbs. Did someone say chocolate?

How to Cope

When you feel this uncontrollable urge, at the first sign, you need to eat something before it gets out of control. One good thing to do is eat some carbs. Not too much, but just enough to stop the craziness that might overcome you later on. A bagel, a baked potato, even a little pasta will do the trick. It will not do too much damage to take in a little more in the way of caloric content for a couple of days. The real damage will come if you wait until you totally lose it and consume the whole gallon of ice cream. Other foods that will help you during this time are tuna with a little mayo, rice cakes or even a slice of whole wheat bread.

PMS Soothers

There are several things that you can do to help to combat the symptoms of PMS. You should drink several glasses of water a day. This will flush your system. In return, you will significantly decrease any bloating. Do not use salt on your food. This will only stir up the fluid retention problem. Try not to consume any caffeinated beverages. Caffeine consumption tends to increase the irritability factor. A good habit not just at this time of the month, but more as a general routine, is to eat several smaller meals every day. You levels tend to stay more in tune this way, which help you to control your urges since your stomach almost always has food in it. Stress is a big no-no. You have to get rid of it or at least significantly reduce it. No alcohol. Not only very high in calories, but a vitamin B thief and metabolism culprit. Sleep….please sleep. This will help you be less miserable. Last, but not least, exercise. You are probably having some belly discomfort, but do the best that you can. At least give it a whirl. It will help you with cravings, cramping, and bloating. It will also help you to get rid of your aggravations in a productive way. After exercising you will be too tired to do anything, but remain quiet.

The End Is In Sight

Okay, you made it through another cycle without getting too crazy. Good for you. Do not think of it as starting over again on your diet. This kind of thinking tends to make us feel like failures. Just think of this time of the month as a slight disruption. That rocky, wavering, hanging by the edge of the thread feeling that you have just conquered. You made it up the mountain and back down the other side in one piece. Do not be disappointed if you gained a pound either. Just think of the pounds that you could have gained, but did not. You are going to be okay and you can keep on trucking on your weight loss challenge. Bravo!

Angel Lynn writes in weight loss, single parenting, and health

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