Dieting Pitfalls

Pitfall 1: The Monday Dieter

By the time you remember you wanted to start your diet on Monday you already ate a package of Twinkies and its Thursday. Did you know that diets that start on Wednesday are just as likely to produce positive results as those started on Monday? There is nothing magical about Monday. We tend to want a fresh start and want to evaluate our weight loss goals in weeks. As long as you evaluate your diet in weeks and not pounds or daily accomplishments you will be on the vicious Monday cycle. Every day is the beginning of a new you.

Pitfall 2: Diets are Depriving

Depriving your taste buds will not lead to weight loss. The core issue is that many feel they are depriving themselves of delighting their taste buds with cupcakes while on a diet. The struggle between eating a dark fudge chocolate cupcake and looking like a Hollywood star rages as one decides between his health or imminent thunder thighs. After all you are entitled to a cupcake, right? No, you are not entitled to a cupcake. You chose to eat a cupcake. You can then choose to balance the cupcake with eating properly the rest of the day or going for a walk. The pressure you feel to see a Hollywood star in the mirror is pressure you place on yourself. Weight loss if not pursued with the right attitude will end in disappointment. Forget trying to look like an Oscar winner and search for tasty healthy dishes to satisfy your taste buds without adding to your thighs.

Pitfall 3: Stress

If you are dieting and stress comes knocking at your door it may as well bring a pizza with it. Stress is just another excuse to go off your diet. Life is hard so our determination has to be fierce. Too often we associate comfort with the self indulgence of eating chocolate cake. Change your associations by de-stressing with exercise, a soak in the tub, or a low fat option. Self indulging in food will only add to your problems.

Pitfall 4: Self Defeating Attitude

Convinced that somehow you are an anomaly to medical science and all forms of fitness plans cannot penetrate the fat on your body can only result in diet failure. If you gained it you can lose it. Yes, just like the socks you left on the floor. If you make the mess you can clean it up. Barring any medical conditions or medications, if you can gain it you can lose it. It takes work and commitment. Be persistent when telling negative thoughts to leave your head. Write negative thoughts down and crumple up the paper and throw them away. You can achieve your goals.

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