Different Reactions

Sometimes you may find you and your intended may react to certain people and circumstances differently. You will need to decide if you marry whether this is going to be a problem and how you will resolve. It is far better to sort it out before you get married than leave it till after. It may just be a situation or relationship that is a deal breaker.

Of course, even after you are married, you may find you and your spouse will react differently to a certain person or situation. I remember one time my daughter and I had to see a doctor and we both came away highly unimpressed by his attitude which was patronizing and superior.

When Mick had to go to the same doctor he found him fine. I suspect because he was a man. In my opinion this doctor had a negative attitude towards women and it showed in the way he treated them, whereas he felt Mick was an equal and he was prepared to explain and discuss things with him.

A lot of the time the way someone responds to another is because of the baggage they bring with them from their own purring in regard to attitudes, expectations, and relationship problems. That’s a minor example but supposing it had been Mick’s best friend or my best friend or a family member that was the catalyst for problems. It’s better to sort out before you are married how it s going to be handled rather than have it become a major problem once you are married.

Sometimes the problem may be a difference in faith and what you believe. Or it might be a difference in attitudes towards family, how many children you will have and when or how much time you will spend in the company of parents and in-laws. Again this is something that needs to be worked out beforehand not just left assuming t will work itself out once you get married. These can be the things that will undermine a marriage. That’s why it’s so important to talk things over before you get married.

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