Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (1)

What do you do when you have leftover scrapbook supplies, or supplies that might be a bit outdated or not your scrapping style anymore? Should you just leave them in a drawer, so that someday you might actually be inspired to use them? Maybe. Should you challenge yourself to use at least one per layout until they are all used up? Maybe. No matter what you decide to do, you need to find new uses for those supplies. More than likely, when you purchased them, they cost quite a bit, and tossing them away, is tossing away money. Reusing them or finding a new use for them, is the best way to keep from wasting and saving money at the same time.

So let’s get started.

Picture Frames

If you glance around a scrapbookers home, there are typically dozens of photos in frames of all types. That is because, a scrapbooker cannot be a scrapbooker without the photographs. The most important element of any scrapbook page is of course, your photos. And because of the plethora of photographs we take, more than likely they are scattered throughout the home in frames adorning the walls, and tables. So why not use some of those old scrapbook supplies to spruce up your photo frames. You can actually make the frame coordinate better with the room if you use some of those supplies. Remember that you can decorate the photo mat inside the frame as well.

Children’s Rooms (or other rooms)

Your scrapbook room or your child’s room are both perfect locations to use up some of those older supplies. First, children will love adorning their bedroom door with fun scrapbook supplies. If you are concerned about the paint on the door or walls, one suggestion is to purchase large pieces of poster board in a color that coordinates with the wall color and allow them to decorate as they please. For your scrapbook room, you can modify the same technique and decorate a large piece of poster board as if it was a large scrapbook page. Or keep ideas or inspirational pieces on the poster board and then decorate with supplies.

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