Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (2)

Most scrapbookers who have been scrapbooking for any length of time, find themselves bombarded with leftover supplies, items that do not reflect who they’ve become as a scrapbooker, and items they will probably never include in an album. But does that render the item useless? No way! There are tons of ways to use these “strays” around your home. In an earlier article, I showed you two ways to use your leftover supplies, but let’s continue to look deeper.

Coffee/End Table

Have a plain old end table or coffee table that could use some decorating? Try placing scrapbook supplies in an arrangement on the tabletop. For instance, place a decorated paper piecing or die cuts with some leftover stickers or ribbon on the table top. Take a trip to your local hardware store and have a piece of glass or plexi-glass cut to fit over the top. Place it on top and there you go. A really pretty way to do this might be to include old letters, envelopes with old stamps and any other ephemera you can think of. Even dried flowers look great pressed underneath the glass.

Names and Letters

Lisa showed you an adorable idea using letters. If you are so inclined to do your child’s name or perhaps your last name, you can place the finished product on a fireplace mantle, coffee table or end table. In addition they can be placed on shelves in a bedroom or hung directly on the wall like a photo frame. It is a great way to use up extra patterned paper, ribbon, buttons and other embellishments that you might not have another use for.

Make a Magnet

A really creative way to use up these extra supplies is to turn them into magnets for your refrigerator or any other surface that a magnet will cling to. You can use die cut shapes to decorate and glue a magnet to the back or cover a business card magnet with patterned paper and embellish with the extra supplies. If you leave the back uncovered, the magnet will stick right to the refrigerator.

Drawer Pulls or Cabinet Handles

You can use some of your lumpy bumpy supplies to decorate or create drawer pulls, or cabinet handles in your kitchen or bathroom. Metals look great, so do buttons, ribbons and even patterned paper scraps. You can either create them yourself or you can run over to the hardware store and for a couple of dollars pick up already made handles or pulls and decorate them at home.

If all else fails, donate your used or leftover supplies to a girl scout troop, school, or other places that they can be used.

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