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With digital scrapbooking all the rage these days, there is a growing concern that the essence of what started out as a simple hobby is being compromised, thanks to high-tech wizardry.

Creating a digital layout is not difficult once you get the hang of using a computer to scrapbook. However, there are some factors to consider if you are looking to preserve the charm of traditional scrapbooking using a high-tech tool.

For starters, don’t go crazy with your computer’s cropping option. When I first experimented with digital scrapbooking I spent countless hours cropping every single one of my photos, so that my subject’s face was the only thing left in the shot. In the end, I was left with a book full of similar looking images. There was no variety. What’s more, cropping should be done on a limited basis when you are creating a travel or vacation scrapbook, as the scenery behind your subjects helps tell a story. If you crop too much of the background, you miss out on documenting the big picture.

In addition, while it is tempting to do so, don’t feel as though you need to include every picture taken of a particular event in a digital scrapbook. Select only the photos that best represent the theme of your layout. Likewise, if you take pictures of mementos related to a certain activity or event think about how you want to place them on the page design without creating too much clutter. You might consider adding a page at the end of your scrapbook with photos of the items if you can’t fit them all on a single layout.

Finally, keep in mind that while digital scrapbooking offers a variety of ways to spice up layouts, including embellishments and other adornments, the main objective of creating memory books is to display favorite photos. Make sure the images you use are relevant and not fuzzy or discolored.

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