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Learning digital scrapbooking can take time, especially if you are not comfortable working on a computer. I know a ton of older, avid scrappers who absolutely refuse to acknowledge that digital scrapping is an option. However, with the help of free workshops offered by our local scrapbook shop, some of them are coming around.

It takes a while for some die hard scrappers to go digital, but once they see how much time and money they can save by scrapping with the help of a computer, most become converts. If you are considering giving digital scrapping a try, consider the following tips:

Go Hybrid: Rather than creating an entire digital layout on your computer, consider going hybrid by using bits and pieces of digital scrapping and incorporating them into your traditional page. For example, start small by designing a journal block that features digital elements, such as clip art and a series of different fonts, then print it and add it to a traditional page. Or, consider using a digital frame for one of your favorite photos and have fun employing some fun photo-editing tools, such as filters.

Use Templates: Once you get the hang of the smaller tools, then work your way up to pre-made templates. Layouts are a breeze with these digital wonders. All you need to do is select the photos you want featured in the design and drag and drop them in the appropriate spaces. If you like what you see, save it, and then go back and add quotes, journaling or other personal touches. For those who find the pre-made templates a bit boring, you can customize your own by using digital image editing programs to modify the layout. You can change the page’s color scheme or add a few digital embellishments to make it all your own.

Digital Guides: There are a dozens of online guides to digital scrapbooking that can be accessed for free. Take a few minutes to peruse the tips offered in them and get a feel for whether going digital is something you can embrace. The guides provide helpful advice, such as remembering to save your work often. Ideally, you should get into the habit of saving your work every 10 minutes, so you don’t risk losing any of it. Another good tip is to keep copies of your photos and layouts on your hard drive.

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