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Digital scrapbooking is becoming more popular all of the time and with sites like, it is getting easier to make the leap (or maybe even just a small jump) into the world of digital scrapbooking. is a site that not only offers digital products you can use to create your layouts, they also have a wide variety of options for support and ideas on their site.

The first thing I recommend doing when you visit the site is to download the FREE ebook titled “15 Things you Need to Know to Become a Great Digital Scrapbooker.” This 65-page book covers everything you need to know to get started in digital scrapbooking. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of information shared in this book. It covers information on computer software you will need, how you can share your digital layouts, buying supplies online, organizing your digital supplies and photos, getting started, and more.

They have a great boutique filled with downloadable products you use to build your pages. They have some great brush sets (digital brushes are similar to stamps), page templates, paper, and so much more. My favorite thing that I noticed while looking at these products is that you can choose any color you want in the products when you are creating your layout. You will always have the exactly right color when you digitally create a layout.

The University section of the site is filled with tutorials and how-tos for creating digital layouts. This section is filled with valuable information. I really like that it walks the user step-by-step through creating specific things in Photoshop. They show screen shots and tell you exactly what you will need to click on. For a beginner, this is a perfect way to get started without it being too intimidating.

If you like to participate in message board and chat rooms, ScrapGirls also has these on their site. The message board is great because you could post a specific question and get answers right away.

The final section of the site is a gallery. This is where you can be inspired and gather new ideas.

If you have been thinking about playing about with a digital layout or you just need more digital layout ideas, check out for some free inspiration.

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