Digital Scrapbooking Basic Supplies

Digital scrapbooking is a bit different than traditional scrapbooking in that you can obtain all the cute papers, embellishments and other items for a lot less than regular scrapbooking supplies. The reason of course, is because they are digitally obtained. But even with the lower cost of supplies, there are still some things you need to scrapbook digitally.

Digital Photographs

These do not have to be taken with a digital camera although that is the most practical way. If you have a regular non-digital camera, you can use your scanner to scan the photographs onto your computer. There, you now have digital photographs.


You will need some type of software program to assemble your pages. There are two different types available, although you will only need one. Choose if you would prefer a layout program or a photo editing program. There will be more to come on the differences and what they can do for you in the weeks to come.


These come in the form of downloads or special Cd’s purchased for this reason. There are hundreds of sites that offer digital add on packs to use with your software and create beautiful and creative pages just like a traditional scrapbooker does. You can even find freebies.

Printer or Source for Printing

There are two options to get your layouts into your hands if you want to. You can either purchase a printer that works with the size you are scrapbooking. There are several on the market that will print a 12×12 layout. There are also many companies that offer services such as layout printing. More on that in another article. I recommend the purchase of a quality printer though – it will keep your future costs down being able to print them out yourself, and if you need a copy real quick for someone, you can hit print and presto it’s done.

The digital scrapbooking market is huge, and I will spend a great deal of January working through many of the different aspects. For those that were afraid to try traditional paper and scissor scrapbooking, this might be the option for you.

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