Digital Scrapbooking Organization 101

With the popularity of Digital Scrapbooking on the rise, it is imperative that you figure out how to get organized if you want to scrapbook this way. Scrapbooking digitally is fun and doesn’t cost as much money as traditional scrapbooking, however at the same time it requires some organization that you might not otherwise need.

Digital Photographs – Obviously in any form of scrapbooking, the photographs are necessary. However, when they are digital you need to take some time and really get them organized. It can be extremely difficult to find a certain picture from a certain event if there is not some form of organization present.

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to organizing your pictures – it is whatever works for you. Some scrapbookers sort their photographs by theme or event. Others by year and others by month. I do a combination of all of that. I start with the year. Then to the month. Then to the date. Then to the event.

Digital Elements – Because you are using your computer to scrapbook digitally, you need a way to organize all of your elements that will create the digital layout. There are a dozen methods and you will need to decide what works for you. If you purchase a Digital Scrapbook software package that you install on your computer most of the time the software package will help you organize the elements or they are already organized for you. However you can also purchase digital elements online, and while they come in sets, many digital scrapbookers like to organize these elements by what they are. For instance, you might have a folder titled paper and one titled metals, and one titled lettering. Sometimes the digital software you use that already has these items organized will allow you to drop your different elements into their program which again will keep them organized. Organizing the digital elements might be the most challenging part of this, but it makes finding what you need a lot easier.

Upcoming Articles: The next article in this series will deal with organizing your digital layouts if you aren’t going to print them right away. Also, Taking a Look at Scrapbook Max® Software.

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