Dinner Discussions 2007 Week 1

These topics are based on week one in the lesson manuals that each unit should be following this year. You can incorporate the topics into your dinner time conversation to reinforce the lessons your children and family are learning at church during the year. It is important to keep these conversations upbeat and positive. It is also important that you be willing to answer questions your children may have concerning the topic.

If you have a child in Nursery or Sunbeams, he learned about being a child of God. They talked about Heavenly Father and how much He loves each of them. They also talked about how we can be like Heavenly Father when we try to do what He wants us to. They also learned the story of Baby Moses and that like Moses we each have a reason why we are on earth. You may want to sing “I Am a Child of God” with him during the week.

If you have a child between the ages of four and seven, she learned about choosing the right. They talked about the importance of honoring their names by being good during their lives. They discussed how Jesus wants them to choose the right, and one way they can do this is by being baptized. You may want to go through practice scenarios of good and bad choices with your children.

If you have a child between the ages of eight and eleven, he learned about the New Testament. The lesson really talked about how the New Testament is one book out of the scriptures. It also talked about the different tools available in the scriptures to help them understand them. It also talked about the importance of reading the scriptures. You may want to review these things at home as well. The reading assignment this week is 2 Timothy 3:14–17.

If you have a child who is twelve or thirteen, he learned about choosing to follow Christ. The lesson reviewed the choice he made during the Council in Heaven. They then discussed how each day they have the choice to follow Christ or to follow Satan. They discussed the different choices that give them this opportunity. You may want to share how choosing to follow Christ has blessed your life.

For any one over the age of fourteen the lesson discussed the prophecies of Isaiah and John the Baptist of Jesus Christ. It also discussed how John taught that Christ is the true light. It also discussed that John’s account of Christ’s life is a testimony as much as a history of Christ’s life. The reading assignment for next week is Luke 1 and Matthew 1.

The Young Women learned about drawing closer to Christ. The Young Men learned about his divine nature, that he is a child of God. The individual ward presidencies chose the topics for Relief Society and Priesthood this week. However, many probably discussed the life of President Spencer W. Kimball. Next week’s lesson is the first one in the new manual.

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