Dinner Discussions for Week 28

This week is great week to reinforce the lessons that each family member learned at church with a simple discussion at dinnertime. You can choose a different topic for each night. As you do this you may want to review the story and scripture and then discuss the topic with your whole family. Keep the discussion fun, and do not put undue pressure on your family. This week’s discussions are on lessons 28.

The Nursery/Sunbeams lesson this week was “I Can Be Obedient.” The lesson talks about the importance of obeying your parents because they want to keep you safe. It also uses the story of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount, which is when Jesus gave much of his instruction to us. The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, in Daniel 3, was used to illustrate how the Lord blesses those that are obedient. You may want to review this story and talk about rules you have as a family.

The lesson for primary children ages four through seven was “I Can Be Kind.” The story used to illustrate this point was the story of The Good Samaritan. You may want to review the story with your family and then list different scenarios and ask your children what they could do to be kind in the situation. You may challenge your children to be kinder this week.

The lesson for primary children age eight through eleven was “David and Goliath.” The story is used to show the children how to address the different challenges that each child may face and the importance of relying on the strength of the Lord. You may want to review the story and then discuss specific challenges that your children are facing.

The Sunday school lesson for youth ages twelve and thirteen was on keeping the Sabbath day holy. You may want to review why it is important to keep the Sabbath day holy. You may also want to list activities, which are appropriate for the Sabbath.

The Gospel Doctrine lesson was on Elijah and the experiences that he had while he was a prophet. It includes the story of the widow and the crux of oil and flour. It also includes the confrontation with the Priest of Baal, when Elijah asked them to have their god start the fire on their altar. It does not happen. Then God starts a fire on Elijah’s altar to the Lord, after it has been drenched in water. This lesson focuses on putting the Lord first in your life, though it may be difficult at times. You may want to discuss the blessings that you have received as you have done that.