Dinner Discussions for Week 31

This week the gospel discussion topics are based on lessons from week 31 from the manuals. You can use these topics to reinforce what your family learned at church this past Sunday. It is important to make these discussions light, so that your family will enjoy them.

The nursery age children and Sunbeams learned about being thankful for their homes. They talked about the different types of homes. They talked about helping out around home by keeping things clean. They also talked about the way that you can feel love at home. You may want to talk about chores your little ones can “help” with and allow them to help during the week. You can also express the love you have for them.

The children between the ages of four and seven learned about the importance of obeying the law. They learned that a law is rule that they must follow. They discussed different types of laws and discussed why it is important to obey them. You may want to discuss different laws with your children.

Children between the ages of eight and eleven learned about King Solomon. They discussed how he prayed for wisdom and received it. They discussed some of the stories where he demonstrated his wisdom. They discussed about the way that King Solomon built the temple. They also reviewed some of the Proverbs, since they are credited to King Solomon. The assigned home reading is 1 Kings 3:5-28.

Youth ages twelve through fourteen learned about the way that attitude affects your outlook. They discussed several examples including contrasting the attitude of Laman and Lemuel with that of Nephi and how their negative attitudes affected them. You may want to discuss the importance of finding the good in different situations.

All members over the age of fourteen learned about Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, which contain sayings that impart wisdom and truths. Specifically wisdom, trust in the Lord, using kind words, pride, friendship, raising child, and happiness were discussed. Members of the class were challenged to read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes so you may ask family members to share a favorite verse.

This week the Young Women learned about the importance of group dating while young. The young men learned about the importance of prayer and fasting. Relief Society and Priesthood learned about the importance of living by faith.